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We are a team with the goal of offering the best possible gaming experience to our players. As we are also true fans of gambling, we take into account their wishes and recommendations.

In addition, our team is made up of casino experts. Their years of experience allow them to analyze the weaknesses as well as the strengths of a gambling house and then make a deduction. That is why, you will have the pleasure of receiving analyses from professionals.

Be aware, there are many games that we have already tested. Thus, we were able to taste the pleasure of being a player of an online casino and we are aware of what players really want when they are on a gaming platform. All this to say that you can, with a rested head, let yourself be guided by our expertise.

Our editor-in-chief

A team that has potential must have a leader worthy of the name. This is the case for ours. Our editor-in-chief James Segrest is the brains behind each of our journals. A real geek who manipulates numbers and statistics as if they were nothing. He is also a lover of everything that is gambling. He is therefore a professional who has been able to make his passion his work.

With his experiences, you will be able to feel his mastery and dedication through our reviews. A quality of work that only the greatest manage to match. Something to know about the chef, he has several years of career to his credit as a business analyst and statistics specialist. He turned to something else when he realized that gambling was where it was at. So you will have understood, James Sergest and the numbers, it's not from today.

Our mission

Our primary objective is to test and review casinos in order to provide you with unbiased analysis, opinions and suggestions on the sites where it is recommended to play. Don't worry, we're not the kind of team that works in a hurry, far from it. We always attach importance to the details and the casinos we study are scrutinized thoroughly from top to bottom so that you can perfectly know their pros and cons.

Indeed, we carry out our analysis by checking each casino according to many criteria. To begin with, let's focus on what online players are most interested in, that is, bonuses. Then, we make sure that the players we inform do not come across a fraudulent casino. That is why we seek to obtain accurate and fair information about licenses. Likewise, we carry out research on the developers in order to find out if the online casino is really of quality.

Note that our analysis is not limited to this only. We also identify whether the support of the gambling house takes into account the Internet users who come to play on their site, the payment methods offered, the list of players, their impressions as well as other factors to judge whether the platform is worth it or not.

Our Values

We are a team seeking above all to offer as much truthful information as possible to the players so that they can guide their choice. That's why honesty is the most important thing for us. Indeed, we make it a point of honor to always be fair and to deliver content that is only pure truths.

Openness is also one of the values to which we attach great importance. Impartial, our team favors only what could be beneficial to the players. Open to all casinos and Internet users wishing to learn about gambling dens, we leave nothing out

Moreover, independence is a value that is also dear to us. We depend only on ourselves and the result is reflected in our work. Likewise, we also want the players who follow us to be autonomous in turn. That is why we give our best to produce reliable and quality content.

Expertise is also rooted deep within our team. We keep reminding you, our members are experts who already have years of practice behind them. That is why, you can be sure that the recommendations and information we offer are subjected to various analyzes before being revealed.

All this brings us to the quality that serves as the foundation for everything we do. Indeed, each of our elements is endowed with rigor and is always fully invested in the tasks entrusted to them. Added to this is the desire to constantly offer the best to those who pay attention to us.