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Play European Blackjack Gold online

European Blackjack Gold
Play for free
Developer Microgaming
Minimum stake 1
Maximum wager 200

Unanimously, blackjack is renowned as one of the most popular table games, and there are millions of people around the world who play it on the best online casino sites . The popularity of this game is all the greater in that it is available in several variants, including European Blackjack Gold. The rest of this article will tell you more about this variant.

Experience and Review of European Blackjack Gold

As mentioned above, European Blackjack Gold is a variant of the classic blackjack game. It is designed by the software developer Microgaming and is part of the latter's Blackjack Gold Series collection. In terms of appeal, Microgaming has ensured as usual by integrating 3D graphics, enough to give players the certainty of excellent gameplay.

Speaking precisely about gameplay, it must be said that the rules for playing a game of this variant of blackjack designed by Microgaming are quite specific, but they follow those of the classic version. Indeed, European Blackjack Gold is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and the game takes place only between the player and the dealer. The minimum and maximum bets allowed are between 1 and 200 coins.

To start a game, you must first place your bet and then click on the Deal button intended for the distribution of cards. You will receive two cards with an open face, while the dealer will take one, always with an open face. As soon as these are received, you will have the opportunity to analyze them to decide what you are going to do. Before approaching the decisions to be made, it is important that you have a precise idea of the value of the cards. Indeed, the Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, the face cards count for 10 points, while the others count for their face value. The highest hand is a Blackjack, and it is obtained by the combination of an Ace and a card of value 10.

As for the decisions to be made in European Blackjack Gold, it appears that the dealer must make a stand on the 17th (stay, that is, keep his hand and no longer claim cards), while you, as a player, can double your bet if you hold cards of value nine, ten or eleven. You can also split (do a split) only once during the game to form two hands. The separation must be made before the dealer reveals his hand. There is also the Insurance that you can take if the dealer's first card is an Ace. This will allow you to prevent him from getting a Blackjack. Remember that as in classic blackjack, the player's objective here is to get a hand less than or equal to 21 to beat the dealer and seize the available prize pool.

The other important thing you should know about this variant of Microgaming blackjack is that other betting options are available, including Increase Bet (which allows you to increase your bet by one coin), Clear Bet (which cancels all available bets on the table) and finally Rebet (which allows you to place the same number of coins as in the previous game.

European Blackjack Gold is a game that is both exciting and lucrative. You will be able to score a huge win by playing at one of the best casinos in the industry. There is for example Spin Palace Casino which will welcome you with a huge 100% welcome bonus up to €1,000. You will even be able to play from your mobile device anywhere and at any time. By the way, if you are not yet ready to bet real money on it at the GPpay casino , you can still play this variant of free online blackjack by training yourself thanks to the free demo available. This is also one of the advantages brought by the internet and which punters enjoy nowadays.


  • 🃏 What is the payout percentage of the European Blackjack Gold game from Microgaming?
    Its RTP is 99.6%.
  • 🃏 Is it possible to make Surrender on this game?
    No, this is not possible or allowed.
  • 🃏 Can we place side bets on this game?
    No, there are no secondary betting options here.
  • 🃏 What is the difference between European Blackjack Gold from Microgaming and that of other developers?
    The difference lies in the quality of the graphics which are in 3D and the betting options.