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Charms & Clovers Online Slot

Charms & Clovers
Play for free
Developer Betsoft
Roll 5
Payment lines 40
Minimum stake 0.02
Maximum wager 200
RTP 95.02%

Charms & Clovers slot game review

Although the Charms & Clovers video slot was released in mid-2016, it is still popular and loved by players. Perhaps the fact is that the manufacturer Betsoft has provided for three types of jackpots at once from internet casino . Or maybe the reason is in four different bonus games. Anyway, this slot machine continues to delight users with a colorful design and frequent wins playing.

Slot Charms & Clovers is downright filled with a bright summer atmosphere with its greenery and lush vegetation of all living things. The playground is surrounded by trees, under one of them there is a locked chest with a treasure. On the other hand, the internet user will see a slyly smiling protagonist – a leprechaun in a characteristic light green suit. It is proposed to spin the drums for a cheerful and unpretentious motive. Winnings are accompanied by a coin chime, and big winnings are accompanied by a traditional Irish whistle trill.

In the Charms & Clovers game, in addition to the classic 5 reels, there is a sixth reel – another designed not only to lengthen the combinations, but also to remove bonus symbols. Each reel has 4 symbols. The winning combinations fall from left to right, starting from the first reel, and include from 3 to 6 identical symbols. The Charms & Clovers game offers more than a dozen paid symbols, as well as special symbols. Among the common symbols, you can find card symbols and typical symbols of this topic – a leprechaun, a rainbow, a pot of gold, a clover, a beer mug and other symbols. The Wild and scatter symbols are also represented. In addition, special symbols may appear on the sixth reel, the name of which corresponds to the activated bonus round. To start the bonus game, it is necessary that the reel is completely filled with the corresponding symbols. The slot machine has a low average variance, which means that winning combinations will appear frequently. If we talk about the return to the player, then it is equal to 96.31% – the average value among similar gambling games.

Gameplay and features

Another opportunity to become the owner of a big win is to hit the jackpot, of which there are up to three in the Charms & Clovers video table. The draw for progressive jackpots takes place in the Wheel of Fortune bonus, which begins after the appearance of 4 Money Wheel symbols on the sixth reel. If, during the spin, play on the Super Wheel sector, he will have a chance to win a mini-jackpot. Moving to the next level, to the Mega Wheel, makes it possible to become the owner of a huge or even colossal jackpot, the size of which is determined by the value of the selected coin. It should be borne in mind that the jackpot is drawn among customers who have chosen the maximum bet value, that is, 5 per line.

The Charms & Clovers video slot offers 4 different bonus rounds, each of which brings the user substantial winnings. The Money Wheel game has already been mentioned above, however, in addition to jackpots, the Wheel of Fortune can also bring prizes in the form of a monetary amount that is a multiple of the bet. The highest multiplier value depends on the level and corresponds to 15 in the regular wheel, 40 in the super wheel and 100 in the mega wheel.

In the Mega Symbol bonus game, 8 free spins are launched and a 3×3 cell pixie symbol appears on the field. He moves around the playing field during the free spins and creates combinations with the usual leprechaun symbol. In addition, the Pots'o'Gold bonus round is rewarded with 8 free spins. Here, during the free spins, 1 to 3 additional wild symbols may randomly appear on the reels. Finally, the fourth game is called Golden Bonus, and its rules are as simple as possible. 5 pots of gold will appear on the screen, one of which is chosen by the player and receives a cash reward in the amount of up to × 20 of the bet.

But the opportunities to increase payments do not end there either. After each win, users of the Charms & Clovers slot machine are invited to play to double down. To do this, you need to press the Double Up button and select in the window that opens whether you want to risk all your winnings or half. Having set the desired value, place a bet on the faces or tails and throw a gold coin, on one side of which there is a clover leaf, on the other a leprechaun. In case of winning or losing half of the amount, you can continue betting or withdraw money.


Betsoft has created a quality online product that attracts not only with jackpots, but also with a variety of additional options. In addition, the Charms & Clovers slot machine can be played not only on a computer, but also from a phone. In this video slot from Betsoft Gaming, the wheel of fortune is one of the many bonus rounds. It starts if the sixth reel on the screen is completely occupied by the corresponding prize symbols in practice mode. The drum itself consists of six sectors. Three of them indicate the coefficients by which payments are calculated. And in three more you can see the names of the progressive jackpots. If the arrow points to one of them, the user will become the owner of the current accumulated amount. It's good to cheer up on how to work with fun gambling, especially if it brings you big winnings.


  • 🎰 Is it possible to play this slot machine for free?
    Yes, you can play the demo for fun.
  • 🎰 Is it possible to win a jackpot in this slot machine?
    Yes, players have 4 types of bonus games, including a jackpot, where you can win a lot of money.
  • 🎰 What is the percentage of return on the slot machine?
    The slot machine has a yield of 96.3%.
  • 🎰 Can this slot machine be played on a mobile device?
    Yes, players can play it on a mobile device thanks to the mobile version.