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Rage of the Seas Online slot machine

Rage of the Seas
Play for free
Developer Netent
Roll 5
Payment lines 1024
Minimum stake 0.2
Maximum wager 400
RTP 96.04%

Rage of the Seas game review

In the summer of 2020, NetEnt released a hacking-themed slot called Rage of the Seas. The game is filled with the spirit of hacking, but more transfers the gloomy atmosphere of brave travels and dangerous adventures. The slot is made by the design specialists, who superbly painted the ships and bridges. The online slot machine perfectly conveys the atmosphere of mystery and the unknown. In addition to a beautiful picture, the slot has a delightful sound filling, which complements the gloomy picture and fascinates the player. The music works very well in the free spins when the player is stressed to the limit and wants to win big winnings. The symbols located on the slot machine also correspond to the theme of hacking. Among them you can find the wheel, parrots, shark and team characters. These are the most expensive symbols. In addition to the standard symbols, the player has access to bonus symbols that open free spins and expand the reel. The reel normally has a 5 by 4 structure, but when the acceleration begins, the player receives a 4-7-7-7-4 reel. Thus, the player has a better chance of winning as the reel widens. In addition, the player can receive various bonuses, which depend on which flag will be dropped to the player. We can conclude that the slot machine is an excellent addition to NetEnt's collection of games, and the wonderful atmosphere of hacking and dangerous adventures will give you a new energy that will bring you big winnings. If you are not ready to play the new version of the slot machine for real money, try playing the demo mode for free.

Gameplay and features

As for the Gameplay, the player finds himself in an abundance of various bonuses and interesting combinations. The standard rule remains the same – the player must collect 3 or more identical symbols. Then the player receives the prize. Among the bonus symbols located on the slot machine, you can find the acceleration function. This function extends the drum to a size of 4-7-7-7-4. In addition, for each additional acceleration symbol, the player receives bonus spins and a certain number of extended reels. Each acceleration symbol represents a flag responsible for a particular bonus. The purple flag gives players 2 additional adjacent jokers to help them make great combinations. The blue flag means that wild symbols will appear in the middle of the slot on reels 2, 3, 4. A black flag means the removal of anchors and powder barrels from the playing field. This will help to form more combinations. The brown flag removes the rum bottle and the boat wheel symbols from the board. The green flag gives a multiplier and doubles the winnings. If you have collected 3 acceleration symbols, you get free bonus spins. There can be 5, 8 and 12 depending on the number of scatter symbols you have collected. All bonus rounds are added up if the player received bonus rounds while speeding up. Thus, the Gameplay is very interesting and helps players to win as much as possible. However, you should not make big bets, you need to play with measure and confidence, and then you will get a big win.


Do you want to open up your dark side and go on a treasure hunt? Then join the pirate team in the Rage of the Seas slot machine and start playing for high stakes. Such a painstaking design, which conveys the atmosphere of unknown seas, and the soundtrack, which perfectly complements the gloomy picture, came together in a perfect combination. The internet player can accompany a team of pirates on the ship. The playing field consists of reels that can expand during the bonus free spins. In general, the slot machine has 3 additional features that increase the player's winnings. Each of them affects the game and makes it more varied in practice mode. In the slot machine, the reel can expand, special bonuses can be added from wild symbols to multipliers. In addition, the player can get free spins, and their number may increase depending on the appearance of certain symbols. By the way, speaking of symbols, they are dedicated to the theme of piracy – rum bottles, sharks, parrots, steering wheel and many other accessories of pirates and adventures on the ship. Thus, the Rage of the Seas slot machine has every chance of becoming your favorite, because it has a great design, amazing sound, fantastic bonus games and other features that you will definitely love. You can play the slot machine for fun for free and try out all the features before playing for real money.


  • 🎰 Who is the creator of the Rage of the Seas slot machine?
    The creator is the specialist of the company NetEnt.
  • 🎰 What is the percentage return of the Rage of the Seas slot machine?
    The slot machine has a percentage of 96.08%, which is a good indicator of winnings among slot machines.
  • 🎰 Can Rage of the Seas slot be played on a mobile device?
    Yes, the game is optimized for all device screens.
  • 🎰 Can Rage of the Seas slot be played with live dealers?
    No, you cannot play slots with live dealers.