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Wheel of Fortune Online Slot

Wheel of Fortune
Play for free
Developer IGT
Roll 5
Payment lines 5
Minimum stake 50
Maximum wager 2500
RTP 96.08%

Wheel of Fortune slot game review

If you often play games in online casinos, you must have come across the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. By the way, the name may seem like a traditional game "Wheel of Fortune", but it is not. In front of us is a traditional five-reel slot machine made on the theme of the wheel of luck. Wheel of Fortune is an attractive game for players who want to play games of chance now. As we have already said, the slot machine consists of five reels, but offers only a few paylines, which is very little for a capricious modern player. Despite the fact that the legendary Fortune, the goddess of luck, is in the center of the plot of this slot, you probably shouldn't count on big wins, especially with small bets from five coins.

The slot machine brings the atmosphere of the casino and gives a feeling of tension and pressure. The player is worried about his winnings while the reels are spinning. After all, the chance to win a large amount is so close. The reels are designed in the style of the game, thus giving the player the feeling of a real wheel of fortune. The musical accompaniment adds even more to the player new sensations that he feels during the game. Players will be satisfied with the way the slot machine is made.

The symbols of the slot machine are also executed in an interesting way. Although they are standard for this type of slot machine, they perfectly complement the slot machine and correspond to the chosen theme. Ordinary and special characters are created in the desired style, they are not too noticeable, but they look quite expressive. In the next section, we will discuss in more detail the meaning of these symbols and which symbols bring you the most winnings.

So, the extravagance of prizes, flickering symbols of luxury and excellent musical accompaniment – all this concerns the retro model of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine, developed by IGT Slots. He is the pioneer of the virtualization of real one-armed bandits. Each of their models is creativity and adrenaline. Play the Canada eCheck casino for real money with a withdrawal in the Wheel of Fortune slot machine to get a charge of emotions and a crazy super prize.

Gameplay and features

As in any other slot machine, before starting the game, you need to select the desired number of lines. However, if you want to play first on 1 or 2 lanes, you can choose them here. We also select a single-line bet. I hope that it is clear how the total rate is formed. After making your choice, you can spin the reels of the slot machine, for this we press the “Play" button. The payments are not calculated by the total bet, but by the online bet. That is, if you bet on 5 lines at 1 dollar each, then when an active line falls, exactly 1 dollar is multiplied by the winning coefficient.

In the paytable we will see different symbols of different values. The most expensive symbol representing the wheel of fortune. There is also a wild symbol that replaces other symbols in addition to the bonus and jackpot. You can also find here another special symbol called "Jackpot Bonus". There is also a bonus game "Wheel of Fortune", which is activated by a symbol representing the wheel itself.

Unfortunately, the game has no analogues on a mobile device. Therefore, the player can only play it on a computer through the casino's website. Alternatively, the player can install a mobile application or a mobile version. So it would be much more convenient for players to play from a best online casino app . They can log in from a mobile device whenever and wherever they want. All you need is an internet connection and a charger.

Thus, the slot machine has enough interesting features to get big winnings. However, it is very limited and a player spoiled by a large selection of games can get bored playing this slot machine. But do not rush to abandon this slot machine. This can bring you enough profit, because it has a large percentage of return for the player. In this way, the player can get a big win from this aspect of the game machine.


The conclusions suggest themselves. First of all, 5 active lines for a traditional 5-reel slot machine is, of course, too few. There is also no voice acting game here, which further impoverishes the already weak gameplay. We can only hope for the bonus factors of the game. Thus, players can only win by collecting a wild or scatter symbol. One advantage is that you can play gaming-themed games right now. Wheel of Fortune is a colorful and unambiguously profitable model, for which it is worth registering in a casino and playing for money.


  • 🎰 Is it worth playing the demo version for free?
    Yes, if you are a beginner or want to familiarize yourself with the gameplay before investing in it, then it's worth playing the practice mode for fun.
  • 🎰 Does the game offer bonus rounds?
    No, this aspect is absent from the slot machine.
  • 🎰 Can the game be played on a mobile device?
    No, this slot machine does not have a mobile version.
  • 🎰 What is the percentage return of the slot machine?
    He has a recoil of 97%, which gives a great chance to win.