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Play American roulette online

American Roulette
Play for free
Developer Microgaming
Minimum stake 1
Maximum wager 50

Some games of online casino 2022 which attracted attention in physical establishments have drastically increased in popularity online. This is the case of roulette and its many variants, especially American roulette.

Experience and review of American roulette

The software developer Microgaming is not only good at slot machines. His ingenuity also speaks for table games, and American roulette is a perfect illustration of this. This game presents realistic graphics and animations, then offers an interesting gameplay that immerses the player in an experience worthy of that of physical casinos in Vegas. It also includes special features that allow the player to customize his game. As in the classic version, the objective of an American roulette game designed by Microgaming is to bet by predicting the numbered square of the grid on which the thrown ball will end its run.

That being said, it should be said that the Microgaming American roulette betting grid has a total of 38 numbered squares. There are boxes from 1 to 36 whose colors are either red or black, then a zero box (0) and another double zero (00) both green. The presence of this last double zero box (00) is precisely the peculiarity, and in terms of winning this translates into the fact that the chances of winning players are reduced. You can place bets ranging from €1 to €80. So everyone can bet on it and enjoy the fun.

Several types of bets can be placed at Microgaming American Roulette, including internal and external bets. We are not going to discuss them in detail here, but we reveal the main thing. You can remember that there are The Full (bet on a single number with odds of 35 against 1) On Horseback (bet on two adjacent numbers with odds of 17 against 1), The Transverse (which offers odds of 11 against 1), the Square (with a payout of 8 against 1), the First Five (odds of 6 against 1) or the Columns and the Dozen which offer respective odds of 2 against 1, the Red / Black, Even /Odd, Pass /Miss whose respective odds are 1 against 1 in case of winning.

If you want to have a better understanding of Microgaming's American roulette betting types, all you have to do is take the necessary time to try its free demo. You can do it both on PC and from mobile. This will allow you to understand all the possible scenarios of a game without investing anything. Now, if after that you feel that you can invest your money to try to win in return, it would be wise to do so on a online roulette casino trustworthy and generous in bonuses. For example, we suggest you opt for 32Red Casino where you will receive a $10 no deposit bonus as an entry. Microgaming's American roulette is entertaining, and it can be lucrative even despite the fact that it incorporates a second double zero (00) box that reduces the chances of winning players.


  • 🤩 What is the advantage of the Microgaming American roulette house?
    The house advantage over the player here is very high, and it is 5.26%.
  • 🤩 Do all Microgaming casinos offer this game?
    Most Microgaming casinos offer the games designed by the developer.
  • 🤩 What makes Microgaming's American roulette different from that of other developers?
    It stands out for its special features, including Expert and Ordinary game modes, the display of game history and player statistics.
  • 🤩 Is Microgaming's American Roulette as popular as other roulette variants?
    This variant is popular, but it is not as popular as the European and French because of the presence of the double zero square.