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Play Joker Poker online

Joker Poker
Play for free
Developer Microgaming
Minimum stake 0.25
Maximum wager 25

When it comes to online casino card games, bettors from anywhere in the world have several possibilities to choose from, including video poker. This game arouses a lot of interest because of its easy gameplay that does not require any prior skills, but also because it is available in several variants as exciting as each other. One of them is Joker Poker which we invite you to discover.

Experience and Review of the Joker Poker game

This video poker variant has been carefully designed by Microgaming. This software developer is one of the most important in the industry, and despite the passing years and the technological innovations that follow here and there, he continues to play the leading roles in terms of quality titles. From a visual point of view, the least we can say about Joker Poker is that it has a superb appeal with an interface that can be easily exploited by any player. The paytable is located above the cards, which allows each bettor to have a clear idea of what he can win when he gets a winning combination. Control keys that can allow the distribution of cards, the placement of bets and the adjustment of the rhythm of the game are also available.

As far as playability is concerned, Joker Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards to which a joker is added, which makes a total of 53 cards. The value of the bets you can place on it ranges from €0.25 to €5. As in classic video poker, the player's objective during a game of Microgaming Joker Poker is to get the best combination of 5 cards by facing the dealer. To start a game, you first place your bet using the control keys available for this purpose, then start the distribution of cards by pressing the Deal button. 5 cards will then be made available to you, and it will be up to you to choose among them those that you will keep and then those that you will exchange for new ones in order to obtain winning combinations. To exchange cards, all you have to do is click on them as well as on the Draw button.

As for the winning combinations, it must be said that the weakest is the Double Pair, while the strongest is the Natural Royal Flush. Of course, the higher the value of your bet, the more important the matching win will be. The particularity not to be overlooked about Joker Poker from Microgaming is the presence of the joker. This one plays an important role, because the fact of having it once in a hand makes it possible to get a significant payout. It also has the property of substituting for other cards, always to form winning combinations. By the way, it is advisable to keep the strongest cards and the joker, and discard the weakest ones.

The other aspect that shows that Microgaming has not done in detail on Joker Poker is the presence of a "Gamble" feature. This consists of putting your winnings back into play and choosing a card from the face-down cards presented to you to compare its value to the dealer's face-down card. If the value of this card is higher than that of the dealer, then you multiply your win by two.

As you can see, playing Joker Poker is both exciting and potentially lucrative. To play poker for real money, you need to play the visa Casino and online casino Gpay . If you intend to play it to leave with a good prize pool, simply register at Spin Palace Casino. You will be well pampered, especially with a huge 100% welcome bonus up to €1,000. The possibility of playing it from mobile is also available. On the other hand, you can take the necessary time to play this game of online video poker for free, thanks to the demo that is often made available.


  • 🃏 What is the payout percentage of the Microgaming Joker Poker game?
    Its RTP is 98%.
  • 🃏 Is it possible to play this game on all casinos?
    The best way to be sure to enjoy it is to choose Microgaming powered casinos.
  • 🃏 What differentiates Joker Poker from Microgaming to that of other developers?
    The quality of the overall interface and the importance of the joker to form the winning combinations.
  • 🃏 What is the jackpot of this game?
    You can win up to 5,000 coins, as long as you place the highest bet, of course.