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Live Baccarat online

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What is the technique of playing live baccarat online?

The game of baccarat in its live version is becoming more and more important on the web, especially by observing the number of people who are interested in it per day. Venturing out is therefore becoming commonplace, even if it requires several basic knowledge of the rules of the game.

It is therefore understandable why, some may not always be satisfied, since the lack of information on the course of the game greatly impacts its course as well as the probability of winning a game.

In order to be certain of having a chance to win a bet, it is important that each player masters the basics of the game. Whether it is a live baccarat or live baccarat for real money, the bet must be made on the one who will win the game between the banker and the player, or failing that on the tie.

As a game distributed through a shoe containing 6 to 8 decks of cards, Baccarat has several rules: game, player's hand and dealer's hand. The dealer has the advantage of having two hands (that of the bank and that of the player). The bets are therefore made either on the hand of the player, the tie or the dealer.

These pay off one by one, with a 5% rate withdrawn on the dealer's bet for a total of 0.95 to 1. In the event of a tie, the placements on the hands of the player and the dealer will not be extracted or paid. As soon as the bet is committed, no decisions can be made, since these hands are finally made up of 2 or 3 cards.

The importance of a hand is determined according to the addition of the values of all the cards combined. That of the number 10 and the figure cards are 0. However, the rest of the cards have a nominal value. Only the second digit of the total matters.

Accordingly, the value of hands from 0 to 9 is included. The winning hand is less important than the one with the total. In the case where both hands have an identical total, we will speak of equality.

  • Rules for the player's hand

Here, as soon as the first 2 cards of the player have a value of 6 or more, the player is not allowed to draw a 3 th card. This is only possible when his first 2 cards are 5.

  • Rules for the dealer's hand

When the dealer's first two cards are 7 or more, the dealer cannot draw an additional card. If their total is 0, 1 or 2, the dealer can take a new card.

In the event that his two main cards have a total value of 3, 4, 5 or 6, the importance of the card drawn by the dealer will depend on that of the player.

Ultimately, the rules of Live Baccarat are put in place to guarantee the reliability and safety of all players in the game: scanned cards and kept in an optical reader, regular replacement of the card stubs, the first card removed and not visible to anticipate the counting.

This famous card game is quite simple. You can play it in the number of 2 or more, because its only opponent remains the bank. Once you have understood the system of drawing 2 or 3 cards to beat the bank by getting closer to the bank, know that victory is within your reach. To do this, it is enough just to master the nominal value of the cards, as that of the ACE is represented by 1.

What are the advantages of playing live Baccarat?

Of all the casino games that exist online, baccarat enjoys a high popularity thanks to its advantages given by live baccarat. It has already been several years since this type of game was dedicated to the bourgeois class of society, since the amounts of bets were regularly huge.

However, this game has become more accessible and popular over time thanks to James Bond, who was the author of its popularity due to his many adventures. So we wonder what its real advantages are.

Like all the games of best online casinos , baccarat has advantages that are unique to its game system. First of all, it allows you to play with a real dealer by following only the live action on a game table recorded and broadcast during a real game. Which makes it really authentic.
Then the player plays by himself. Which makes the game part very fast. He also takes advantage of several bonuses offered by the casino. Once his account is active, the latter benefits from a sum of money that can be used to make his bets.

In addition, baccarat has favorable odds, simple game rules and a superstition on the player's account. A real mix of well-being and entertainment. Who wouldn't like to take part in it?

Everyone finds their account at baccarat with its good range of online money games with live dealer. It offers a first choice variant to its players as well as to all those who venture there out of simple curiosity.

Punto Banco or Baccarat is one of the most popular games of the live casinos . Each player receives two cards and bets on a hand that approaches 9 without exceeding. It is partly for its great simplicity, that this game attracts lust.

The disadvantages of playing live Baccarat

Live baccarat online also has disadvantages such as :

  • It requires the download of special software with the help of which live streaming will be made ;
  • The use of a high-speed Internet connection, so that connection interruptions do not stop the game in progress ;
  • The unavailability of online casinos at certain times ;
  • A limited range of games ;
  • A possibility of errors ;
  • The huge increase in the audience of live casinos because of the advantage of playing with a real dealer as if in comfort, from home ;
  • Not an assurance of permanent gain, because this is primarily an entertainment game.

Ultimately, it is important to know that you will not find the live baccarat game available on all platforms. That is why, it is advisable to inform yourself properly before embarking on the game.

Likewise, the safety component is not left out, when we plan to make a profitable game. The more the choice of your platform is based on the quality and reliability of the games on it, the more the chances of winning are assured.

The profitable strategies of live Baccarat

Playing live baccarat implies above all the mastery of its game strategies. How to do it when you are embarking on a purely random game. Interest and efficiency being the fundamental principles, the player must also have the appropriate technique to achieve a satisfactory result.

Live baccarat has many game strategies. The three best ones to take into consideration are therefore :

1. The unique strategy of baccarat

Unlike other online casino games, baccarat requires a good game logic based on precise rules. Thus, in order to have the best winning opportunities, the player must make use of a technique that allows him to take advantage of each different aspect of the shape of the results. For example, he can be the winner when a result is formed.

The unique strategy of baccarat is to take a side, which can be the banker or player. If the game is played correctly, the chances of advancing as a winner during one of the two Baccarat shoes wagered are approximately 3 out of 1. Likewise, the chances that the casino's bankroll will break even reach practically 4 out of 1.

2. The combat strategy

Here the player has to change between trend 1 and 2. It therefore begins with flat bets respecting the rules of these two trends. Once he loses two successive times on one of his tendencies, the latter goes directly to another without wasting time.

3. Breaking the double strategies

This technique is one of the favorites of baccarat. It gives the opportunity to have an "exclusive truth" through a professional baccarat. So it's a question of betting in the face. Once the zigzag pattern continues, the player must make a bet with B P B PB...

In this case, the goal may or may not be achieved. If this is not the case, the banker who made up the bank double is the result of your loss. It is therefore possible to double the bet each time, and the 5 th player will be able to win by breaking the double.

How to choose the best live baccarat casinos?

Beginners and professionals alike are primarily looking for a reliable online casino site, which offers advantageous online baccarat games. Knowing that it is not easy to find a quality platform on which it would be easy to practice your art, it is important to know that the choice of a baccarat casino is made on the basis of certain criteria such as: licenses / certificates, iGaming software providers and bonuses offered.

  • Time: 00:08
  • Tool: Computer or mobile phone
  • Supply: Internet Connection

Once we know how to choose a better live baccarat casino, it would be easier to venture there without any difficulty or fear.

The different types of online baccarat

There are several types of live online baccarat. Mastering them allows you to be one step ahead of the game as well as its various parts, because all its components change depending on the chosen game. This can be in relation to the number of participants in the table, the size or ranking of the table, the various decks present and the banker or the person who represents him.

The various types of live baccarat are :

  • The Punto Banco

Still called American, Punto Banco is the variation of baccarat that is most known in countries such as: the USA, Canada or Australia. This type of game always gives the role of banker to the casino, and the game takes into account the rules of the initial baccarat. This variation is found in the majority of online casinos.

  • The baccarat railway

This version of baccarat is played in Europe. It has a system different from that of American baccarat with several different facets. Its peculiarity is to allow each player to make all the transactions of his choice. Here, the player can keep or retrieve another card, in case the total of the hand is 5.

  • The Super Pan Nine

In this type of baccarat, the rules as well as the values of the cards remain identical. The difference is in the systems used to extract the cards as well as the number that the casino gives to each player. The Super Pan Nine is easily akin to American baccarat. It comes from Asia and is played just with 36 cards, without counting the numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10.

  • Baccarat in the bank

This is another version of baccarat Europe. This is played with 3 decks of cards, and the banker's place is sold to the player who has a taste for risk. Its game rules change from one platform to another, but they remain the same as those of the railway variant.

What do you need to know about baccarat direct mobile?

Thanks to technological advances, it is no longer necessary to leave your home to play live casino baccarat. Thanks to the baccarat mobile version with live dealer, the player has the opportunity to experience a game of fun from his smartphone or tablet; and from a specific casino.

The editors have made live baccarat more accessible. They add more realism to any game part. It is therefore clear that its mobile version is more popular, since the latter compensates for the shortcomings of other versions, in particular: freedom, time saving, speed and the ability to play while taking as many breaks as possible.

The tables of the baccarat game are available on the android casinos and Ios. The latter work using a high HTML5 technology. Thus, whether the player is stuck in a traffic jam, in a waiting room or at a bus stop, he can easily play baccarat on a Smartphone. A single click is enough to be in front of a real dealer on an authentic table.

Baccarat direct mobile is therefore an effective and advantageous gaming option, for all those who would not necessarily like to find themselves in a real game room. No matter where you are, this gaming alternative allows you to distract yourself at your leisure. To do this, just download the app and log in to your favorite mobile casino.


  • 🍁 Is it possible to play live baccarat for free?
    Yes, it is possible to play live baccarat for free. It depends on the chosen gaming platform as well as its marketing strategy.
  • 🍁 Difference between online and live baccarat games?
    Here, the difference is at the level of the intervention of the real dealer. Online baccarat games reproduce a game part such as in a real land-based casino. On the other hand, live baccarat brings the game to life.
  • 🍁 Do all gambling sites offer live baccarat online casino games?
    No! It all depends on the site that the player chooses. However, most platforms offer such a version to make the game even more exciting and captivating.
  • 🍁 What languages are spoken in live casinos?
    All live casinos have a multitude of languages (French, English, Chinese, Spanish...). These change depending on the country where the player is located as well as its configuration.