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Free online blackjack

Top 3 Casinos to play for real money

King Billy
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Euro Palace
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Casino Days
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The different online Blackjack games

How to play Blackjack online: rules and tips

Online blackjack is made for anyone who has a taste for the game, but who cannot satisfy this need by going to a land-based casino. Now it is possible to connect to a casino site from your home, office and commercial premises. It just takes one click to connect to a gaming platform.

As in all online casino games, it is essential to learn the basics such as the rules of Blackjack before embarking on this adventure. This ingenious initiative makes it possible to master its workings, thus know how to handle its cards, quickly take part in a game in real mode like making money.

Whether you opt for a free Blackjack game or real money Blackjack games, the rules are quite simple and easy to understand. You must have the best result of cards in front of the bank, without exceeding the number 21. Each of his cards has a different importance. That is to say that the cards numbered from 2 to 9 have a value identical to that of their nominal, the figures an importance of 10 and the ACE a value of 1 or 11.

The player therefore needs an ace and a log to start playing Blackjack. This is not the case if the number 21 is obtained with more than two cards. So there is not really a big difference between playing blackjack online and doing it from a real casino. The only difference remains at the level of the dealer, who is a computer in Virtual Blackjack.

The online version is recommended for the test mode, since the player receives the first cards and the bank recovers a visible and hidden one. Then the decision is up to you to make the choice to draw another card or to keep the number you have. If you opt for another draw and the sum exceeds 21, the game is lost. On the other hand, if you have a good result, your bet doubles.

The bank automatically retrieves any card below 16 and leaves the one that is at 17. If there is a tie, the player regains his bet. The free online blackjack game is easy to understand. It's just a matter of making a draw of the cards and trying to get closer to the number 21 without crossing it.

There are several basic concepts to know in order to play Blackjack for money successfully :

  • Distribution of cards
  • Card values
  • Objective.

The terms of Online Blackjack

  • Card counting : it consists of following the shared cards so that the player's bet is adapted to the current hoof. Its principle is quite simple, since it is based on the fact that each print influences the composition of the others that will come.

Card counting is a term that aims to follow the cards with a precise technique, in order to have a ratio of those that are weak or strong before sharing them.

  • Double down : It is a term that is said when the player doubles his starting bet, following the receipt of the first two cards. As soon as the cards have been shared, the double down will apply if the rules of the game allow it.
  • Early surrender : some online gambling sites let players reduce their losses by giving half of their bets, following the initial agreement. Early surrender gives the player the opportunity to give up once a 10 or face card is drawn, without controlling the blackjack hole card.
  • Hit : this English term means to draw the card. It therefore intervenes during the game when the player is still far from the 21 points, and he requests a new card from the dealer.
  • Closed card : This is the dealer's card that the player does not see.
  • Insurance : in case the dealer has an Ace as a visible card, the player has the opportunity to request insurance. In this case, he will put an extra bet if the latter has a blackjack. If the dealer has it, he can double his base bet. Otherwise, he loses it.
  • Natural : this term refers to any deal consisting of an Ace and a card that is worth about 10 points.
  • Stand : this term means to stay in French. The player stays if he is satisfied with his hand, if the total is enough, or if he does not need an extra card. It is therefore necessary to use

the term Stand to tell the dealer that you are served.

  • Split : or share, occurs when the first two cards of the player make a pair. At this time, it is possible to divide them into two different hands, bet the same amount on both and use them in the game separately. It's called doing a split.

Once you are confident that the game of Blackjack is for you, you should also take certain preventive measures so as not to lose your money from the first bet. These include, in particular, :

  • Define Your limits
  • Check online casino bonuses
  • Divide aces and tens
  • Skip the insurance
  • Know how to double
  • Learning the hard hand and the soft hand

Know when to knock and stand.

The various varieties of online Blackjack game

Playing blackjack online requires having several knowledge, especially about the different types of game it offers. This parameter is of great importance to be sure that you are venturing there to win and not to lose money. Once you have mastered its various rules and varieties of play, no opponent will seem invincible to you.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This type of online blackjack involves 4 decks of 52 cards during the game. It thus gives the player the opportunity to have insurance, as soon as the latter assumes that the dealer could have a blackjack. However, to take possession of insurance, the latter must absolutely put the same amount as that of his initial bet.

In case the dealer does not have the winning numbers, the bet will be offered to the player. Once the dealer's hand has 17 points in Vegas Strip Blackjack, the player can no longer acquire a new card. This gives the donor less chance of exceeding the number 21.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This is the name given by the city of Atlantic City to its blackjack variant. This is a new type of game, which has been able to impregnate its marks as soon as it entered the blackjack scene. It is the privileged place of all the expert people who count the
card. As well as the followers of the free blackjack game from all over the world.

Multiple rules in Atlantic City Blackjack are highlighted to favor the player. It is also possible to have a late surrender in this game. However, since 8 decks of cards are applied in this type of game, it is not easy to count the cards during the game.

European blackjack

Here, the dealer draws his second card once the players have made their turn. Then, he gives the possibility to the player who is on his left to choose his option in the blackjack game. If the latter has only one card, he must say so by announcing "Card". The player therefore has the opportunity to make as many requests for cards as possible, if he would like to reach the value without exceeding it. Once the draw of the card exceeds the number 21, the latter will lose his bet, and the dealer changes players.

Multi-hand blackjack

This type of free online blackjack increases the player's chances of winning. It usually intervenes for all those who like to play quickly. By opting for a multi-hand blackjack, you have the possibility of having five hands at the same time.
This original game is simple and profitable. It is played on multiple and different systems. This allows the player to have chosen the best of the alternatives in terms of fast casino games.

Multi-hand blackjack is very similar to that of real money, with the only difference that it engages many hands at the same time. This is quite an exciting game.

Double exposure blackjack

Playing free blackjack online is a great experience, especially when you discover it for the first time. However, by choosing a double exposure blackjack, so the inventor is Richard A. Epstein, you will discover even more surprises than you can imagine.

Indeed, this variant begins when the dealer receives two cards during the first shuffle. This option of the game gives the player the opportunity to receive many important indications.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the payout related to natural blackjack is one against one, so that the house preserves an advantage.

Spanish blackjack

The Spanish blackjack game is a popular variant for its fun side. It can be played in several online casinos. This game includes just 48 cards and allows the player to group interesting bonuses with the help of a few effective combinations.

Playing Spanish-style blackjack online requires compliance with certain rules. This is the first step to take before getting into the game. These are almost identical to those of regular blackjack, but here the player plays rather 48 cards.

Each of these cards, estimated at a value of 10, withdraw from the game at 21 Spanish Blackjack. The rest is present.

Other variants

There are several other variants of Blackjack games. :

  • Vegas strip : refers to a group of outstanding mathematicians who travel every weekend to the city of Las Vegas to play blackjack with an identity different from their own.
  • Blackjack switch : still named Two Four Jacks, the Blackjack switch is a loss of a particular card game for 2 or more players. His goal is to put all the cards in one hand.
  • Blackjack Hi Lo Gold : this variant of blackjack allows the player to play a game with a single clog of 52 cards, which shuffle each time a hand starts.
  • Surrender to Blackjack : once the player has received his first two cards, he can discreetly hand them over. Several casinos offer it as an advantage for the player.
  • Blackjack Cashback : cashback is a bonus that online casinos are increasingly offering for online table games like Blackjack. It is dedicated to all subsequent bets, especially in case of loss, unlike casino bonuses that are granted in case of deposit.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack : this is a high-profile variant of blackjack. Here the player uses 8 clogs of 52 cards to do several actions while the game is going on.

What are the Blackjack bonuses?

Like all other online casino games, Blackjack also offers its players the opportunity to take advantage of several bonuses to better try their luck at an affordable cost. Precisely, there are several that you absolutely must master before embarking on the game. It is about the :

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus allows the player to familiarize themselves with the game as soon as they register on the platform. It offers incredible advantages, and gives the opportunity to play for hours as well as to densify your winnings. It is a gift that every new registered on the site receives.

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus does not require an investment to enjoy a blackjack advantage. The latter does not require the player to deposit money with to receive in exchange a percentage of his investment as an additional bonus. It is given during registration on blackjack and allows you to have extra money.

The main strategies used to play Blackjack

Online blackjack games are based on several rules and standards. In order to be sure of winning the bet, the player must use the best techniques and strategies to make the bank do as it should.

According to the choice casinos without downloading that you do, you will see that the rules are hardly identical. These therefore change from one site to another. Which makes learning the game of blackjack even more complicated. However, several correct actions are necessary to make the difference from one site to another. So you need to know how to play well to finally win.

It is important to know that some initiative must be taken according to your cards and the open card of the donor. Distinguishing two figures is not an ingenious initiative, but shooting when the dealer is still at 9 is.

Here are the decisions to be made during a game of online blackjack games :

  • Remain
  • Draw
  • Double
  • Separate
  • Give.

Which is the best Blackjack provider to choose?

It is important to know how to recognize a reliable and secure online casino site, which offers the possibility of receiving a better return on investment. As a Blackjack fan, you should know that choosing a software dedicated to making blackjack games is of great importance to win the jackpot.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the software company that has no limits on the virtual. He has been able to adapt to the various difficulties of the market by implementing casino software that is both effective, innovative and competitive.

It presents to date, an offer that combines real casino games and direct ones. This ensures clashes between players in real game conditions. Evolution Gaming works with several operators on the market of free and paid blackjack games on the the highest paying online casino . It therefore brings added value to the various gaming activities of its customers.


Created in 1999, the provider Playtech specializes in the permanent development of gaming products and content. It owes its success to the satisfaction and recognition of its customers. It is the largest software company in the world.

As an essential online blackjack game publisher, Playtech has several acquisitions recognized around the world. For a maximum level of comfort, Playtech offers a non-paid mode that offers the possibility to any player to test the game site in advance.

Choose a high-end software that ensures a reliable experience, exciting games and constant customer support.


The Microgaming software provider is one of the best. It was created in 1994, when the history of the online casino began. It has a great popularity in the field of online casino games, as well as that of iGaming.

All players of free blackjack games consider Microgaming to be the reference brand in the field. It has a license from the MGA and UK, ensuring that every player in the world can benefit from their games on different platforms such as phone, tablet and Smartphone. Its product catalog is extensive and varied.

What are the payment methods for Canadian online casinos?

It is important to know the various payment methods that an online blackjack game offers. Even if you start on the best site that exists online, knowing how to fund your account and withdraw money is essential to have a great gaming experience.

Visa and MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard are used by all real money online casinos Canada . This is the most fashionable option currently for the payment of winnings on an online casino site. It is international and takes any type of currency. Regardless of the payment method chosen, the customer will always enter in possession of his winnings.


This is an electronic money transfer system. The latter is based on a special operation, as a mediator for the player's bank account, the visa or mastercard card and the online gambling site, Neteller is a faster, reliable and secure payment method than bank transfer. The Neteller Casino is considered the safest.


Skrill is an electronic bank available online. It allows the player to make deposits and withdrawals of money without any constraints, and with any currency (EUR, USD, CAD...). And this, regardless of the country. This payment method has a mobile application that facilitates the processing of all immediate transactions to online casino platforms.


iDebit is the online payment system used in Canada. It is secure, express and reliable. It facilitates direct payments for consumers as merchants who make various purchases on the web browser. And this from their bank account.

Blackjack Payouts

Playing free or paid online blackjack requires knowing the payouts before getting started. This is the first basic rule that must be observed. It is therefore more obvious to have a winning combination. For this reason, no player can easily make the draw of a Blackjack that offers 3:2 as pay, or that has an ordinary hand of 1:1.

Regardless of the choice of payment method, the player should always follow the same payment path among the different display modes available to him: by redirection, embedded, iframe, application. The player just has to follow the steps point by point.

Origin of blackjack

Blackjack is a casino game that appeared at the end of the 18th th century as "21". Originally, it was inspired by a game of two cards namely: the railway and the French farm. It was the favorite of the French at that time.

After that, the success of blackjack was exceptional in the USA. In order to make it always attractive, its suppliers have set up a bonus system to reward all new and old players.

The name of this online casino game therefore comes from its "black jack" which was called "Black Jack" in English. It ensures a nice gaming experience for customers.

The best casino sites with Blackjack

King Billy
King Billy Welcome bonus From $2500 + 250 FS
Euro Palace
Euro Palace Welcome bonus C$500 + 100 FS
Casino Days
Casino Days Welcome bonus 100% up to C$500
Royal Vegas
Royal Vegas Welcome bonus C$1200 + 120 FS
7BitCasino Welcome bonus C$400
Casimba Welcome bonus C$5000 + 50 FS
Lucky Nugget
Lucky Nugget Welcome bonus C$1000
Hell Spin
Hell Spin Welcome bonus C$1200 + 150 FS
River Belle
River Belle Welcome bonus C$800
Zoom Welcome bonus 100% up to C$300 + 100 FS


  • 🍁 Can I play mobile Blackjack online?
    Yes! The blackjack game has an application of its own, which allows you to play its mobile version online.
  • 🍁 Which Canadian deposit methods should I use?
    iDebit is the online payment system used in Canada. It is therefore easier and faster to use it to make all Canadian deposits.
  • 🍁 Is playing Blackjack online safe?
    Yes, as long as you choose a casino site that has reliable and secure software. Make the choice of a better editor.
  • 🍁 Do I need to install any software to be able to play for free?
    No, not necessarily. Some sites offer blackjack in demo mode which allows visitors and new players to experience the game for free before launching.