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Online craps

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The different online casinos that accept the game of Craps

King Billy
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Euro Palace
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Casino Days
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Royal Vegas
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List of the best online craps

How to play Craps online?

The game of craps has a rather ambiguous reputation. Indeed, it is essential to know that the player has several chances to win the game by winning real money on a craps table, rather than playing slot machines. For this, it is crucial to better study the table of this game in order to better understand it.

The objective of this game is to get a head start on the score that the player will make when he rolls the two dice. It offers several alternatives to bet with an advantage at best online casino for Canadians which changes variant from one bet to another. Online Craps can be played against the players or the bank.

The online craps game is always played in two stages. First, the player must place his bet on a line that can be named "Pass" or "Don't Pass". After, he must roll the two dice by selecting the key on "Roll". Once the result 2, 3, or 12 is obtained, it is that a craps has just been performed. As a result, it would not be necessary to proceed to the next step. In the event that the result is different, the bet must be made on the point that will be established.

In order to understand how to play craps online, it is better to take the time to analyze it from top to bottom. Here are the key steps in the course of a game :

  • Players make their first bets ;
  • Each dice rolled the first time on behalf of the "come out roll", offers 3 exit possibilities :

For a result of 7 or 11, Pass Line bets win and Don't Pass Bar bets lose. Which gives the right to the beginning of a new game.

For a result of 2, 3 or 12, Pass Line bets are losers and Don't Pass Bar is the winner. Then, a new game part is launched.

For a result of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, the point is made and the craps game resumes with new bets.

  • Once the point is made, the player rolls the dice again ;
  • When the player manages to achieve his point again before the number 7 falls, the Pass Line bets win and those of Don't Pass Bar lose.
  • If the player achieves the 7 before taking stock, the Don't Pass bets win and those of the Pass Line bets lose.

The rules of online Craps

As in all online casino games, Craps has several rules. These allow the player to know how to play, and especially win the game. It is therefore a question of choosing a specific bet and putting the die at this level. Each participant in the game rolls the dice each in turn.

The first throw is that of the shooter, who plays until a non-winning combination comes. In case this refers to the number 4, 5, 6, 9, 8 or 10 visible on the Come-Out Roll, the number is defined as a point number. In this case, the shooter must play until he reaches the point number or number 7.

Each rule of free online craps corresponds to a specific bet. That is why it is important to know all its different bets before launching :

  • Pass Line : this is the bet played before the first roll of the die. It has an estimated power of 1:1. The player wins it every time the number 7 or 11 appears on the first bet, and loses it if the numbers 2, 3 or 12 appear. Otherwise, the point is made.
  • Don't Pass Bar : during the first roll of the die, the bet wins with a 1:1 odds, when the dice are 2, 3 or equal to 12. If the latter give the number 7 or 11, it means that the game is losing. Then, a point is made.

This type of bet makes it possible to win the winnings when the pitcher loses. It is not necessarily played at the craps table, although it is with him that the house advantage is very low (1.36%). And this, since we win the game when the players who bet on the Pass lose.

  • Como : this type of bet is made as soon as the point is set up. It has the same rules as the Pass Line and has a rate of 1.41% as a house advantage.
  • Don't Come : It is also played as soon as the point is established. Its rule is identical to that of Don't Pass Bar and has a rate of 1.36% as a house advantage.
  • The Odds/Lay bet : this additional bet is made after the point is set up. His pay is made only when the point is taken before the 7 for an Odds bet, and 7 before the point of the Lay bet is made.

The different advantages of Craps casino

Having a rather particular popularity in the United States, craps is a game that most online casinos offer. This type of game offers several advantages to players as visitors, who have a love of casino gambling with dice. In addition to the feeling of well-being (pleasure) and the distraction it offers, the online craps game also has other important advantages such as :

  • Its easy and quick access

The fame of the game of craps is not the same from one country to another. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find it in a land-based casino in Europe, for example. Even if there are, it is always necessary to get up early to have the chance to play. This is one of the first reasons why online craps is advantageous, since players can enjoy it on various virtual rooms.

  • Its play anytime and anywhere

Online, the player does not need a protocol, much less a directive to play craps. Therefore, there is no need to dress according to a specific dress code and even less to respect the game schedules. As soon as the need to play craps online arises, you can do it directly from your home, office or in a public transport using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Multiplicity of promotional offers

Online craps gives the right to a plurality of promotional offers. Beginners as well as former players easily find their account in this type of game. For example, you will easily benefit from a welcome bonus as a bonus for the first deposit on the site's player account. In addition, there are also other bonuses such as: happy hours, the discovery bonus or referral bonus, etc. Several opportunities to make money are available to the player on online craps.

Disadvantages of online Craps

Online craps games also have some disadvantages. The main one is the lack of friendliness. In reality, the principle of the game of craps is based on the throwing of the dice on a table between several players. It is therefore more fun and distracting when the participants face each other face to face. This is not the case for its online version.

In addition, this type of game offers fewer options compared to various other casino games. It has almost no online game option and has a lack of bonuses for its online craps game mode.

Likewise, the player may be the victim of a scam, since there are a high number of online casino sites that are not all reliable. The risks of making a bet on an online craps game without a return on investment are enormous when you don't really know how to tell the difference between a professional platform and a trickster trap.

All these disadvantages should be taken into account when starting an online craps game for the first time. Not only will you know what to expect once you're in the game, but you'll also know what strategies to put in place to make your investments profitable or protect them.

The main types of online craps games

As a fast and exciting game, online craps is a lot of fun. Its participants are greatly distracted, scream and cry when the results of the dice roll fall. The bets in this game are managed by the dealer. This is one of the reasons for its covetousness by many enthusiastic people.

In order for each player to easily find his account while playing this thrill game, the developers have implemented several different types namely :

  • Free online craps for fun

This type of online craps is reserved for the discovery of the game. Here, the player or visitor to the site does not make any commitment, because he tests the game before knowing whether or not he will be able to venture out. It is in a way a guide that allows you to learn more about the rules and the course of the game. As a player adept at dice games that offer real pleasure, you can choose to play craps online for free.

  • Craps online without downloading

The craps game without downloading does not require any kind of bet. It can be a demo or free version. Here, the player can practice the game without fear of losing his bets. Several online gaming platforms offer this option to players, so that they can discover the game.

  • Online craps for real money

Real money online craps is very popular. Both online players and those of land-based casinos know it well, since it allows you to enjoy the victory and the advantages of other players. This is one of the centers of attention in a game of craps, and it is difficult to play it just against the house, since all participants are entitled to win the game. Its objective is to make it easier to make the right bets before the dice are rolled. You can also play for real money in one of the Google Pay online casinos .

  • Live online craps

Here, it is a question of doing a real online game. Live Canada online craps involves a real dealer during the game. That is to say, the player plays in a real casino room photographed with cameras, inside which a real dealer serves as a bank and carries out the actual launch of the roulette as well as the management of the chips. This type of game brings increases the pleasure of playing and immerses the player in a special universe during the game.

  • Mobile online craps

As technology is constantly evolving, gaming software companies are always responsible for setting up offers adapted to the needs of users as players. The implementation of a mobile online craps therefore compensates for the shortcomings of the one that is played in land-based rooms. This innovation offers several advantages to the player, since it allows you to play at any time and place.

The online variations of the craps casino

The game of craps online comes in many forms and variants. These change depending on the type of game chosen. In order for the player to feel comfortable, it is important that the mastery of all these variants is done. For this, it is important to make the choice of the best online craps casinos. Here are the various craps variants to master :

  • Hich Point Craps

This variant requires the player to make 11 or 12 on his first roll of the dice. Any numbers other than 2 and 3 that are injured will help the player to make the point. This version of craps is advantageous for the house with a rate of 2.35% and a payout ratio of 1:1.

  • Simplified Craps

Also called simplified craps, this variant offers the possibility to the player to win the bet by making a number 2, 3,4 10, 11 or 12. In the event that the dice are different from these numbers, except for the number 1, the latter loses the game.

  • Bastard Craps

Also called Crapless craps, this variant allows the player to form the point by drawing the number 2, 3 12 or 11. If the latter chooses the number 7, it will directly cancel his starting throw.

On what basis to rate the best online craps casinos?

Online games have surpassed those of land-based casinos, so that to date their number of followers is growing more and more on the web. So we understand why it is important to know on what basis to base the choice of your online craps casino site, if you want to have a chance to win enough money.

Choosing the comfort of your home or office, rather than that of a gaming room dedicated to the casino is an ingenious initiative. However, knowing how to select the best of all the platforms that exist online is even more so. How to do it? Here are the most essential criteria that will guide you on a better option :

1. The software and games offered

This is the first thing to check before embarking on an online craps site. This step makes it possible to ensure that the system of the game site is compatible with that of your game support, so that there are no navigation problems.

Once the software has been downloaded and put in the media, it is important to check that the latter does not crash. Likewise, check the different sections that the casino offers. Once it meets your expectations, get started without hesitation.

2. The various bonuses offered

The second point to check before embarking on an online craps game is the bonus check. Do you use the bonuses during the game. If this is not the case, it is because the part in question is not yours. Otherwise, go to the list of bonuses to choose the most important and less conditioned ones.

3. The availability and efficiency of customer service

This criterion is also important for ranking online craps casinos in order of importance. It is thanks to him that the player can decide whether he can venture there or not. Customer service is of great importance, since it responds to all problems, specific needs, requests for advice and questions from players.

4. The authorized payment methods

Who wouldn't like to know how to withdraw their winnings on an online casino site? The majority of platforms offer payment methods that are separate from each other, all of which are governed by very specific rules. He can therefore choose bank cards, electronic currencies, visa casino card , prepaid tickets. Be sure to make the choice that exactly suits your needs.

The history of Craps

The game of chance Craps has an uncertain origin. It was created in 1125 during the Crusades by Sir William of Tyre and his knights, who enjoyed playing it during the siege of Hazarth or Asart (castle).

He therefore became quite popular in England, after the various mentions of Geoffrey Chacer in the Caterbury Tales and the subscription of the bourgeois nobility.

The inventor of the innovative craps game, John H. Winn had the brilliant idea of allowing players to bet also like the dice thrower. This was crowned by the manufacture of a game mat that presents all the different types of bets.

Now craps is one of the online casino table games where you bet a lot of money in the United States. Everyone really loves it, since it is played with two dice.


  • 🎲 Can I play Craps online for free?
    Yes, it is possible to play craps online for free. It all just depends on which gambling site you choose.
  • 🎲 Do all casinos offer craps online?
    No, not all casinos offer craps online. This is the case, for example, for casinos in Europe.
  • 🎲 Do online casinos cheat at Craps?
    No, the game is very well secured and protected. It is therefore difficult for an online casino to cheat at Craps.
  • 🎲 Can I play Craps on my smartphone?
    Yes, because there is a mobile craps variant that allows players to play from their phone, tablet or smartphone.