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Play live dealer blackjack in Canada

Top 3 Casinos to play for real money

King Billy
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Euro Palace
C$500 + 100 FS
Casino Days
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The best live BlackJack casinos

King Billy
King Billy Welcome bonus From $2500 + 250 FS
Euro Palace
Euro Palace Welcome bonus C$500 + 100 FS
Casino Days
Casino Days Welcome bonus 100% up to C$500
Royal Vegas
Royal Vegas Welcome bonus C$1200 + 120 FS
7BitCasino Welcome bonus C$400
Casimba Welcome bonus C$5000 + 50 FS
Lucky Nugget
Lucky Nugget Welcome bonus C$1000
Hell Spin
Hell Spin Welcome bonus C$1200 + 150 FS
River Belle
River Belle Welcome bonus C$800
Zoom Welcome bonus 100% up to C$300 + 100 FS
Playamo Welcome bonus C$1500 + 150 FS
Betchan Welcome bonus C$600
Bob Welcome bonus C$1500 + 130 FS
Lucky Creek
Lucky Creek Welcome bonus C$500 + 25 FS
CasinoChan Welcome bonus C$1500 + 120 FS
Jonny Jackpot
Jonny Jackpot Welcome bonus 100% up to C$1000 + 100 FS
SpinCasino Welcome bonus C$1000
Fastpay Welcome bonus 100% up to C$100 + 100 FS
Maneki Welcome bonus 100% up to C$333
Wild Fortune
Wild Fortune Welcome bonus 100% up to C$500 + 100 FS

How to play blackjack with live dealer?

One of the reasons why blackjack is so popular in real casinos is the opportunity it offers to see the dealer and play in a relaxed atmosphere. Today, this type of atmosphere is available in online casinos with live blackjack, for example Canada BTC casinos . Indeed, virtual establishments have thought of their many players and they now allow them to play live with real dealers. Playing live blackjack is not difficult. The rules of the game are identical to those of the traditional version. If you master them, you will not have difficulties in winning.

To win a game, you must have a combination of cards higher than the dealer's, but not more than 21.

The course of the game

How to play live blackjack? The first thing you need to do is register with a legal Canada online casino , or to log in, if you already have a valid account. Next, you need to find a valid table in your establishment and place your bets or bets. As a result of this, the dealer proceeds to distribute the cards to all the players on the table, among which two are visible and one is closed.

Finally, the dealer uses the cards, among which one is open and one is closed. The game can now start. Just like with the online blackjack Canada traditionally, the objective of live blackjack is to have a winning combination close to 21, but without exceeding this number. In addition to this, your score must be higher than that of the dealer and the other players at the table.

It is therefore up to you to count your cards well in order to determine the score you have. If necessary, you can draw cards, double your bet, wait, stay on your game or perform a split. At the end of the game, three results are possible :

  • Victory : in the case of a win, your score is higher than the dealer's without exceeding 21. You win the bet.
  • Loss : if you lose, your score is lower than the dealer's. He wins the bet.
  • Deadlock or push : in case of a push, you are tied with the dealer and you get your bet back.

The value of the cards

How to play live blackjack, if you do not know the value of the cards? Generally speaking, all cards that have a face are worth 10 points. As for the ace, its value varies between 1 and 11 points, depending on the hand.

As for the other cards, the number of points they provide depends on their numerical value. It just means that a 4 earns you 4 points, and so on.

Different actions

If you are playing live blackjack, you can perform several actions :

  • hit : it's about drawing a card. The dealer then gives you one.
  • stand : it is about refusing a card to keep the score of your hand.
  • Blackjack : we talk about blackjack when the winning score is 21.

Card distribution systems

In live blackjack, there are several card distribution systems :

  • EU Distribution : in this distribution system, the dealer receives his second card when all the players around the table have already made their decision.
  • Distribution USA : in this system, the dealer gets his second card before the players make their decision, and after all the cards have been dealt.
  • Multi-seat : here you have the opportunity to have gaming seats in several tables, and make separate bets in the latter.

Live blackjack: the terminology to know

If you want to play live blackjack, you need to know the lexicon that relates to this game. This is the case of :

  • Bust : or bust is when your score exceeds 21 points.
  • Double down : this is the act of doubling your bet and getting an extra card.
  • Hit : it's the act of drawing a card.

Insurance or Insurance : this is the fact of betting only half of your initial bet, to reduce losses in case of Blackjack on the part of the dealer.

What are the advantages of live blackjack?

Do you want to play live blackjack online? This method of playing is convenient and allows you to get a lot of advantages :


One of the major advantages of live blackjack games is that they are reliable and trustworthy. This gives you the opportunity to see the dealer directly and control his various actions when he deals the cards. You can be sure that there is no cheating and that the game is completely secure.

Of the interaction

Another advantage of live online blackjack is that it allows you to interact with other players. Indeed, you are not alone around the table. In the traditional virtual mode, you usually play against the program, but in the live version, you enjoy the company of other players. You can even write to each other from an available chat.


Live blackjack games are very exciting. If you want, you can stream a video stream directly into a real online live casino . In this way, you allow other players to share your experience.

On top of that, if you don't want to go to a physical casino, this live mode allows you to enjoy the lively atmosphere of land-based establishments.

The best of both worlds

Another great advantage of live blackjack online is that it allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. This means that you can enjoy the intoxicating atmosphere of land-based casinos from the comfort of your home. In addition to this, you save time and, while you play, you can also perform other tasks.

That's not all, you also save money financially, because you don't spend to get around.

Play on multiple devices

You can play live blackjack games on several devices of your choice: smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. It's up to you to choose according to your preferences.

What are the disadvantages of live blackjack?

Unfortunately, live blackjack does not have only advantages. Among its disadvantages, we can mention :


Unlike traditional blackjack which is fast, live dealer blackjack is rather slow. Indeed, you must first wait for the dealer to share the cards to all the players at the table. They can be 5, 6 or 7 in number, and you also have to wait for each of them to make their decision.

Maybe you don't have enough patience to wait for the other players to make up their minds. In this case, live live blackjack is not the game for you.


Another disadvantage of live live blackjack is that you can't get in and out of the table, as is the case with the typical version, as you know it. Indeed, the live mode uses a real dealer, a real casino atmosphere, cameras, lights and real players. That is why, you must have the patience to finish a game when you start it.

The betting limits

Bet limits are a disadvantage, depending on how you want to manage your game. Depending on the casino, these usually vary between 5 and 500 euros, and sometimes more! The choice of the limit therefore depends on your preferences. And you can bet live blackjack on the Canada BTC casino .

Live blackjack strategies

How about we talk about live blackjack strategy? First of all, you need to know that there is not just one strategy, but several. The choice among all those available, depends entirely on your preferences and the way you want to approach the game. However, there are some that are more popular than others. This is the case of :

Split or share

As for the split, it is the action of sharing or dividing your cards into two separate hands, when you have two cards of the same value. When you make a split, you receive an extra card, in each hand of the dealer.

Thanks to the split, you end up with two hands of cards and, in case of victory of the latter, you win twice, the sum you have bet. However, if you lose, you lose double your bet. If you win with one hand, you do not win the bet.

The Double Down

During a game of live blackjack, you also have the opportunity to double your bet. At this time, you receive not one, but two cards. The amount of your bet is thus doubled during the round.

Surrender (Surrender)

Surrender is another well-known strategy in live blackjack. It comes in handy when you have a bad hand at the game. Thanks to it, you can keep half of your bet, instead of playing it and losing it completely.

Once you have mastered the live blackjack strategy that you want to use, you will not have any difficulty in winning large sums of money.

Live blackjack bonuses at online casinos

Once you have all the information you need to play live blackjack online, all you have to do is play. To attract more and retain players, many online casinos provide blackjack bonuses. The latter are convenient because they allow you to have advantages in the game.

The welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the offers offered by casinos for live blackjack online. It is only offered to new players, those who do not yet have an account with a platform and who register for the first time. To unlock it, you usually need to make a first deposit into your account.

You should also know that the welcome bonus cannot be withdrawn directly when it is granted. You have to bet it before you can withdraw it. It can therefore be used for a game of live blackjack online in your casino.

The no deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is also an offer granted to live blackjack players online, in virtual casinos. This is a sum of money that the gambling establishment offers to its users, without the latter making a deposit in their account. When you receive it, you can use it to play live blackjack online for free or test the other services of the platform.

The cashback

The cashback bonus is also an excellent offer given by casinos for live blackjack online. It's about cash back. In other words, the casino gives you back the money you lost during a game or session, so that you can play it again. The amount usually varies and depends on the casino that grants it.

Live blackjack game software providers

To play live blackjack at an online casino, the latter must offer this option. For this, he must have collaborated with the best live blackjack game software providers. Some of the most reputable developers in the industry include :

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the best live blackjack providers in the online gambling market. Since its advent in 2006, the developer has been steadily establishing itself as a leader in the gaming industry. He specializes in live gaming. This is the reason why casinos that want to offer the experience of live blackjack with real dealers and players, call on him.

It should also be noted that this editor is reliable. He has passed through eCOGRA and TST controls, which attests that his live games are fair and without favouritism.


NetEnt is a Swedish game provider that was founded several years ago. However, it was in 2013 that he decided to expand his services and offer live gaming software. Today, many casinos call on him for their live blackjack tables.

It must be said that NetEnt has been able to stand out for the quality of its video streaming. Available in HD, it offers a sharp and neat image, which allows players to accurately see everything that is happening.


Playtech is a game publisher that was founded in 1999. Since then, it has been constantly improving its offers to conquer the online gaming industry. Today, the provider offers live casino services, including live blackjack. Moreover, it powers many casinos with its HD streaming.


Microgaming is a very popular provider. It has a wide variety of games, including live blackjack. His live parts are filmed in his various studios in the Philippines, Argentina and Canada. In addition to that, its operating software is available in several languages!


Ezugi was created in 2012 and specializes in live gaming. Even though it is relatively new, it is appreciated by the quality of its HD streaming which is lag-free. In addition to this, it allows players to enjoy a realistic, friendly and warm atmosphere.

Play blackjack with live dealer on mobile

Nowadays, many casinos offer the live blackjack experience. This practice is very interesting because it allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real casino, with real players and dealers. On top of that, you don't leave the comfort of your home.

Another special feature of live blackjack is that you have the opportunity to play regardless of where you are, and at any time. To make this possible, online casinos provide their players with applications that they have taken the trouble to develop. The latter are very popular because they are fluid, offer an ergonomic interface and allow you to play from any device, including smartphones.

To play live blackjack on your mobile, first make sure that your casino has an app. If this is the case, you can directly download it from the Google PlayStore of your Android smartphone, or the App Store of your iOS system.

Where to play live blackjack: the best online casinos

How to play in a live casino blackjack? First of all, it is necessary to find the right establishment. For this you need to take into account several factors :

Safety and reliability

The live blackjack casino in which you want to play must be reliable and secure. For this, it is your responsibility to check if it has an operating license. This protects you from the risks of fraud or scam, and demonstrates to you the good faith, as well as the fairness of the casino.

When it comes to security, live casino blackjack must use advanced encryption methods to prevent your bank details from being leaked or hacked on the Internet.

The publisher

Do not hesitate to also check the publishers that the online casino uses to develop its live blackjack. The quality of the streaming depends entirely on this criterion. A good provider will make every effort so that players can see what is happening around the gaming table.

The bonuses granted

You can also choose the platform according to the quality of the bonuses granted. Do not hesitate to compare several live blackjack casinos, in order to choose the one that meets your expectations.

That said, we have selected the best live blackjack casinos for you :

  1. River Belle Casino
  2. Royal Vegas Casino
  3. Ruby Fortune
  4. Spin Palace Casino
  5. 888 Casino


  • 🍁 Can I play live dealer blackjack for free?
    No, it is not possible to play live dealer blackjack for free. You must wager in real money.
  • 🍁 Do all casinos offer bonuses for live dealer blackjack?
    It is indeed possible that online casinos offer live blackjack bonuses to their players. However, it depends on their discretion.
  • 🍁 What is the difference between live blackjack and online games?
    Live blackjack is a real game, it is not virtual. This is a real dealer who deals the cards to real players. When it comes to online games, the computer is in charge of doing everything.
  • 🍁 Can I earn money playing live dealer blackjack?
    Yes, you can make money playing live dealer blackjack. For this you need to know the rules of the game and apply the right strategy.