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Microgaming Craps
Play for free
Developer Microgaming
Minimum stake 1
Maximum wager 500

The Craps game is the most profitable game in the long run. The game can still be played online. It's faster and more affordable than playing live in France, where you need four more players with fairly long rounds each.That is why playing online is always a better option and a better chance of success. At the same time, one of the rules is to understand the principle of the table, to get acquainted with its principle. Sometimes craps tables can scare beginners, however, this is one of the easiest and most exciting games. After learning the basic rules, you can easily master the game online, and then start playing for real money at Google Pay casino Canada . Practice various online games, then you can start craps. At the same time, when you play online, you definitely have a better chance of winning. You can better predict your bets and the course of the game.

Craps by Microgaming

Craps is an extremely popular game in land-based casinos, especially in Las Vegas. It has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century, when it first appeared in casinos in the southern states of the United States. Online Craps games is always available.

Craps was one of the first table games to make the transition to the online scene in the 1990s. Microgaming's pedigree in the industry has allowed its craps offering to provide some of the best casino dice games on the market. Microgaming has taken a minimalist approach to its craps set, ensuring that the betting screen remains uncluttered and easy to evaluate at first glance. The green felt with prominent white dividers and bold white, red and gold letters, provides an easy-to-read betting grid that turns out to be quite easy to read – even for those with slight visual challenges.

Veterans of the game will find themselves very familiar with the format, as it is faithful to the traditional configuration found in most online casinos Canada from all over the world. In this Microgaming game, a certain color appears on the screen in the lower right corner, where you can select your betting chips. The different denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 are each designed in their own color for easy identification. Like all traditional craps games, Microgaming Craps is played in two phases: the Come-Out phase and the points phase. The bets are essentially the same in both phases:

-Roll 7 to 11 and you will win the Pass Line bet

-Roll 2, 3 or 12 and you lose the Pass Line bet

Throw 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 and the result of the throw will establish the point. You will then have to keep rolling the dice until you roll the point value again or until you roll a 7. The number of points will result in a Pass Line Bet win, while throwing a seven would result in a loss.

This Microgaming Craps offer remains faithful to the traditional craps played in casinos in most countries around the world. There are no flashy bonuses or add-ons to detract from the classic game. A useful rule in this craps game is the fact that even when the point is set by the dealer, players can still place odd bets. All buy and wager bets will be entertained and paid at a real odds minus 5% house commission, which is charged only on winnings.

Like many games today, Microgaming Craps can be played on most modern mobile devices. Microgaming's "Quickfire" platform simplifies playing from your android Casino , iPhone online casino or Windows, via your instant mobile browser, without the need to download applications. This puts the power of the game in the player's hands for the ultimate in "on-the-go" gaming convenience.

The simple layout and easy-to-use controls make Microgaming Craps a pleasure to play, especially for newcomers to this kind of game. Although the graphics are simple and the sound effects are basic, the game's discretion is actually quite refreshing and is more suitable for a casino table game than cluttered graphics and involved soundtracks.

If you are about to create an account in a real money online casino powered by Microgaming, know that you will find a craps game that has 3X odds. As for the graphics, they are really good. The same applies to sound effects.


  • 🤩 Where is the best place to play this game online?
    You will find a wide variety of bonuses and different versions of the game Craps online where you will find interesting schemes.
  • 🤩 Is there a scam in this game?
    It is almost impossible to deceive a player with false methods. The casino increases its security in this sense.
  • 🤩 How many players can play?
    If in real time, then four or more. If you are online, you can play alone.
  • 🤩 Is it possible to play against the bank in online game mode?
    Yes, it is quite possible. Against the bank and against the player.