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How to play Craps

Playtech Craps
Play for free
Developer Playtech
Minimum stake 0.01
Maximum wager 1500

Craps is one of the most interesting and simple games among the other games presented in the online casino with Visa . Very exciting that is usually played on a special table, designed only for Craps. All participants who start playing must place their bets. The bet depends on the result of the following dice. This game remains one of the oldest games on the Internet. There are several different options. It will appeal to players for its originality and ingenuity. Like all other games, it is very inventive that does not require special and additional skills and working abilities from its players. The goal is for the player to predict the result of rolling two dice at once and correctly. After that, all players try to predict a certain bone pattern that should appear in the first throw. The importance of Craps at the same time is to guess ingeniously, logic, imagination and foresight.

Playtech Craps

Since 1999, Playtech has been a leading force in the online gaming industry. The Playtech Craps game offers 3x odds, is available for real or free money and can be played by download or Flash. It is not open to US players. If the words "place", "proposal", "buy" or "throw" are foreign to you, do not place a single bet until you have read our Craps pages. Don't let the casinos have more of an advantage over your game. Learn everything about what to bet on, when to bet and how to bet on craps in our "How to play Craps" pages. Do not place bets without knowing the odds. Luck can only take you so far!

The minimum bet is $1 (or whatever currency you use). Each best casino in Canada determines the maximum bets and table limits. If you are looking for a game of online craps realistic with a complicated layout and the same level of excitement, you should consider the variant, powered by Playtech. The game itself is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. The player has access to a wide range of features.

The guys from Playtech do not disappoint with their version of Craps, one of the games of real money online casino in Canada based on the most popular, exciting and challenging dice. The online version of Playtech may not offer the curling context of the brick and mortar game, but it has many advantages and will keep you entertained for quite a while.


  • 🤩 What are the basic rules of Craps?
    This is a very simple game of luck, in which you need to roll a few dice and make your prediction. To start playing, you need to place a bet and wait for the dice to roll. To win a bet Over the line, you have to roll a 7 or an 11. This means that you have 6 and 2 for a total of 8 of the 36 possible combinations. If you take out a 2, a 3 or a 12, you lose the bet.
  • 🤩 Are Craps Games Rigged?
    Players could be wrong with their dice. However, now everything has changed, so deception is almost impossible, because the casino has strengthened its security measures and makes sure that there is no fraud by third parties.
  • 🤩 What are the Best Bets in Craps?
    The Craps game gives and offers the highest bets. We always recommend betting on simple and unique bets.
  • 🤩 How Much Can I Win at Craps?
    In this game you can definitely win real and important money. You can win from €100 and more.