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Lucky Dragons online slot machine

Lucky Dragons
Play for free
Roll 5
Payment lines 50
Minimum stake 0.5
Maximum wager 25
RTP 95.19%

Review of the Lucky Dragons slot game

Lucky Dragons slot machine is an online slot machine, which despite its simplicity and versatility is rapidly gaining popularity among many users of games in online casinos, special attention is paid to this slot machine in French-speaking countries. This game was developed by the modern online game provider Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play is also one of the most popular online game providers in the gaming industry. The peculiarity of the games of this developer is that they are developed using innovative technologies, mainly focused on mobile devices. Pragmatic Play keeps up with the times and therefore tries to use the latest features in the development of various games.

This yoke provider is also safe and secure, because it has the appropriate certificates and certifications for such an organization and is popular in many countries and has quite influential partners in the gaming industry. In addition, this organization with its games participates in various competitions and organizations, and therefore has a huge number of different awards and certificates, because the games from this provider are always of high quality. It should also be noted that all games from this developer, including Lucky

Dragons, are available on mobile devices that support Android and iPad casinos online , as well as on computers and laptops, while games retain all available functions and features, regardless of devices. in chargé. This is a very convenient feature for players who are constantly moving and do not stay in one place for a long time. Thanks to the mobile version of the site, which is supported on any mobile device with Internet access, players can enjoy their favorite game wherever they are and regardless of the time of day. However, if you like to play with a large screen and in comfort, you can also use the mobile version of this game.

Lucky Dragons has 4 lines, 5 reels and 50 paylines. In general, this system is considered a classic online slot machine, which can be found in most online casinos. The player can adjust the bets independently. By the way, the range of bets in this online game is also quite wide. The rate can be from 1 to 50 cents per payment line. The percentage of winnings in this game is quite large, for example, the maximum payout that a player can get is 400,000 euros. We think it's a huge sum, don't we? A good indicator is also that the casino has a good rating and positive reviews among many players.

Gameplay and features

The main condition that worries many players the most is undoubtedly the simple gameplay and the available bonus rounds and the good bonuses that this game can present to its players. Of course, most games have a long list of various bonus symbols and other excellent gifts from the game developer for the player. This condition always worries players, because the presence of such features significantly helps to increase the player's winnings or improve his chances of winning.

That is why Lucky Dragons can also draw your attention to well-known symbols in the gaming industry such as Wild and Scatter. The Scatter symbol has a unique feature, as it is counted as a winning combination even if it is outside the line to collect the strings. In the game, this symbol is represented by the symbol of the Buddha.

The Wild symbol acts as a joker, but is often called wild. With its help, players manage to collect winning combinations faster. It works very simply: in the absence of a single collectible image, a paid channel takes its place. In Lucky Dragons, this symbol is represented by The token.

In addition, this online slot has a bonus round, which can also increase your winnings several times.


This internet game is extremely easy to use, but this does not make it less interesting, because at the same time easy to use, it has all the popular features of online slots, which help to make the game more exciting. The game has fans from all over the world, so be careful, because once you play this game for fun, you can become one of them! You can also play a free demo version of the game. You can play in practice mode and get a good experience. This game is a great opportunity to get a good gaming experience and have a great time, so don't waste a minute and try your hand at this online slot machine!


  • 🎰 Is Lucky Dragons a safe online slot machine for players?
    Yes, the developer has all the permissions and licenses. In addition, during the development of the game, all the conditions were met and everything was done to make the game safe on rabbits.
  • 🎰 Is there a special strategy to follow in the game?
    In fact, this online slot machine does not have a special strategy game. It all depends on your skills and luck.
  • 🎰 Is Lucky Dragons available in the mobile version?
    Yes, because the developers have focused on the use and accessibility of this game on mobile devices, but the game also works well on computers and laptops.
  • 🎰 Are there any special bonuses in Lucky Dragons?
    This game does not offer special bonuses, but during the game you will have divine symbols that will help you improve your chances of winning or increase this win several times.