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Play Spanish Blackjack online

Spanish Blackjack
Play for free
Developer Microgaming
Minimum stake 1
Maximum wager 200

When talking about blackjack, many amateurs, including the most experienced ones, may be confused and not know what type it is exactly, since the game is available in several variations. Here we introduce you to Spanish Blackjack, a variant that has everything to attract attention.

Review and Experience of Spanish Blackjack

The Spanish Blackjack variant that we present here comes from the production studios of Microgaming, this software developer who is no longer to be presented since he has a fairly extensive address book and has to his credit several honorary distinctions within the gaming industry best online casino sites . As usual, Microgaming has respected its own standards in terms of display quality. The graphics are in 3D and the configuration of the table is quite explicit.

As for the playability on Spanish Blackjack, everything you need is also there. The course of an entire game requires 8 packs of 48 cards not counting the 10. The minimum and maximum bets that can be placed on it vary between 1 and 200 coins. The objective during a game remains unchanged as in classic blackjack. You must do everything to beat the dealer by a score higher than his, but not exceeding 21. The values of the cards also remain intact, since the Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, the figure cards are worth 10 points, while all the others count for their respective value.

To start a game of Spanish Blackjack, you must place your bet in the box in the center of the interface. You will then receive your cards from the dealer who will also take two of them, one of which is face down. When it is everyone's turn, they will be given the latitude to make useful decisions that can lead them to win the stakes. To be simpler, if the dealer's uncovered face card is a 10 or an Ace, he will be able to consult his hand in order to obtain a blackjack.

For the player, permission is given to double his bet on any hand combination, but this can only be done continuously once in a row. He can also separate his hand, but no more than three times. One of the main features of Spanish Blackjack is that the blackjack obtained by the player trumps the dealer's 21. It is also allowed to separate various cards of value 10. Likewise, a multitude of cards can be added to the Aces that have been separated. You can also take insurance, provided that the dealer's uncovered face card is an Ace.

When it comes to winnings, it is important for you to know that some combinations grant quite high payouts. For example, a 5-card combination offers a 3-on-2 odds, a 6-card combination pays 2-on-1, while a 7-card combination pays 3-on-1. These are the most important ones to remember while waiting to load the game to discover everything. Moreover, while waiting to fully master its operation, bettors can try this free blackjack game thanks to the demo that is available everywhere on online casinos. Once you feel ready to go in search of winnings, you can create a real money account on Apple Pay online casinos . It is one of the best currently on the market, and you will be able to claim a 100% welcome bonus up to €1,000 to play Spanish Blackjack. Things will still be easy for you if you prefer to play on the go, because it is possible to do it from any iOS or Android mobile device. And you can pay for your game with the Google Pay casino .


  • 🃏 Who can play Spanish Blackjack from Microgaming?
    This game is accessible to all types of budgets, whether you are a thrifty or a big bettor.
  • 🃏 Are Canadian players accepted to play at Spin Palace Casino?
    Of course, Canadians are welcomed with open arms to play Spanish Blackjack.
  • 🃏 Does Spanish Blackjack include customization options?
    Yes, there are several customization options that you can use to improve your experience.
  • 🃏 What is the difference between Spanish Blackjack from Microgaming and that of other developers?
    The great feature is that the player can double his bet after separating his hand, and his blackjack wins over the dealer's score 21.