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Play Vegas Strip Blackjack online

Vegas Strip Blackjack
Play for free
Developer Microgaming
Minimum stake 1
Maximum wager 200

Even if you have never been there, you have certainly heard many times from specialists and experienced bettors that Las Vegas is the world's betting stronghold. However, it is possible that several games will be designed to pay tribute to this unique destination. This is precisely what is observed with the table games of top online casino site , in particular the blackjack games . Its Vegas Strip Blackjack variant arouses a lot of interest and deserves to be widely known.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Review and Experience

The Vegas Strip Blackjack variant bears the signature of Microgaming, this software developer who is no longer to be presented, because his merits in terms of quality game design are a school throughout the industry. With Vegas Strip Blackjack, you will be immersed in the great atmosphere that can be found around the Vegas tables. The 3D graphics as well as the configuration of the game interface absolutely reflect this.

To play Vegas Strip Blackjack, you need a total of 4 packs of 52 cards, and the minimum and maximum bets that you are allowed to place must be between 1 and 200 coins. For a full game, the rules are practically the same as in classic blackjack, and the objective for you as a player is to succeed in beating the dealer by a score higher than his own while not exceeding the 21 mark. The values of the cards remain unchanged. The Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, the face cards count for 10 points and the others are counted according to their respective face value. To start the game, you must first choose the value of your bet between 1 and 200 coins to then receive the cards. So you will be able to examine them and act accordingly in order to win the game.

What is important and that you should remember about Vegas Strip Blackjack from Microgaming is that the dealer is not allowed to make a hit to receive new cards with a total of 17 points, and your bet will be returned to you in case he does not get a winning combination. For you as a player, it is possible to separate a pair of Aces only once, and the bet to be placed in this case must be equivalent to your starting bet.

You are also allowed to double down only on your first two cards. This can also be done on a parting, and after that you will receive at the same time a card on which you can make a stand, that is, stay. Better, you can take out insurance. This is equivalent to half of your initial bet and does not take into account secondary hands from a split or after doubling.

As for the winnings, remember that a blackjack here pays odds of 3 to 2, and insurance pays 2 to 1. As for ordinary winnings at Vegas Strip Blackjack, they pay out 1-on-1. The icing on the cake is that you can use the Auto Rebet and Quick Deal features to boost the pace of your game even more.

Do you want to play the Vegas Strip Blackjack game from Microgaming to win real money and don't know where to do it? Well, there's no need to get tired, because online casino GPpay gives you the opportunity. It is a safe and generous site that allows you to start with a no deposit bonus of €10. You can access it, no matter if you are using a PC or a mobile device running under casino on iPhone or Android. On the other hand, you can decide to play Vegas Strip Blackjack for free thanks to the demo while waiting to fully master its operation and embark on paid sessions.


  • 🃏 What is the payout percentage of the game?
    The RTP is 99.65%.
  • 🃏 Can we play several consecutive hands at Vegas Strip Blackjack?
    No, this is not possible.
  • 🃏 Can winning strategies be used to increase the chances of winning?
    Of course, blackjack is a skill game, and the same is true for this variant.
  • 🃏 What makes Vegas Strip Blackjack from Microgaming different from that of other developers?
    Vegas Strip Blackjack stands out especially for its graphics that evoke the city of Vegas and for the rule that prohibits the dealer from making a hit with a total of 17.